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PUS Atomizer


Strength of PUS Process

  • Compact and autonomous device
  • Easy alloy change
  • Rich in type 4 and type 5 powder of high quality
  • High level of sphericity
  • Strong control of oxide layer

To atomize materials within a specific range of temperature and viscosity, the ultrasonic technology is the most efficient one.

Equipment is compact, size distribution is narrow, powder is free of ultrafines and dust.

In PUS, we have developed a flexible atomizer, autonomous, efficient, able to produce the highest quality solder powder that is required for the most technical requirements. PUS wants to be involved in the final product to be able to improve continuously the process to market needs.

We, in PUS are also very open to any development for any kind of powder atomization that can be managed with ultrasonic technology.

You can find the solder powder coming
from PUS process near:.


The quality world leader for high logo-thaisarcograde tin chose PUS technology to supply solder powder to their Asian customers.

Rest of the World

PUS is on the way to extend its network to manufacture and sell products in Europe, North America and China. The first step is Europe with products available at the end of the 3rd quarter 2015 – Coming up next!.

Specific alloys for each kind of soldering …     The plus de PUS

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